Dawn Patrol Cold Weather Gloves

TASCO Dawn Patrol! Hit the trails in the crisp morning without freezing your hands off.

Cold Weather Mountain Bike Gloves
Nothing is worse than the numb feeling you get in your hands during the cold-weather riding season.  Having a good pair of winter gloves can make all the difference.   A chill weather riding glove can help you transform your painful ride into a pleasurable experience.

When it comes to selecting the ideal cold weather glove, it really depends on how cold of weather you will be riding in.  Here at TASCO, our “cold” weather season means it might dip into the 30’s in the mornings.  This is why we have named our cold weather gloves, the Dawn Patrol, a nod to those chilly Southern California morning rides we love so much.

Finding the perfect balance between comfort and warmth was our goal.  We have stayed with a very minimalist design in the Dawn Patrol’s.  Rather than creating a bulky, loose fitting glove that reduces the feeling you have with the bars, we kept the palm material as a single layer clarino leather, with no seams to get in your way.  By adding in a thin windproof layer to the top hand of the glove, you don’t feel the wind chill breaking through to your hands.  The top hand material also has a water resistant coating applied to it, so whacking those damp bushes shouldn’t chill your hands up further.  Finally, we’ve added in a fleece lining to the inside of the top of hand to give that extra bit of warmth.  As you can see, the focus is on the top of the hand, which takes the brunt of the chill.  We've also extended the overall glove length by 3/4" to ensure you have coverage between your gloves and the sleeve of your outer layer.

One thing that is often not noticed on all of the other TASCO gloves, are the vented fourchettes (material that runs along the inside of the fingers).  We do this, as it is a great feature for the warmer days, but we have opted to replace this with a laminated lycra panel for the Dawn Patrol gloves to help keep the cold air out.

TASCO dawn patrol cold weather MTB gloves.



A couple of other notable features in the Dawn Patrol gloves are the touch screen compatibility, and the Velcro-free slip on cuff design.  Being able to use your phone (grab a call, pull up a map, or snap a photo) without removing your gloves is a must have on any gloves these days.  And having a snug fitting glove without having to fuss with a Velcro tab is a huge plus in colder weather!

All this to say, we would never claim this glove to be sufficient at temperatures less than 30 degrees.  If you find yourself riding in sub freezing temperatures, we just recommend you stop that nonsense, and pick up a different hobby until the temperatures rise a bit ….hahah


Hack #1:  We have never personally tried this, but have heard from a lot of our crazy friends that do like to ride in very cold weather that the combo of Dawn Patrol gloves and Bar Pogies is a match made in heaven.  The Pogies bring the extra warmth, but you still have good bar feel with the Dawn Patrols.

Hack #2:  We have tried this and can vouch that it works great!  For those rides that start out cold, and then get warmer during the ride, wear a pair of Fantom Ultralight gloves underneath the Dawn Patrols.  When the temps warm up, just remove the Dawn Patrol gloves and you are good to go finishing your ride!


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