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Scout Mountain Bike Trail Pants from TASCO MTB. Detail photo showing the fly opening with premium spring loaded snaps and quick-close spandex.

Less Bulk

Lycra Fly Closure provides a soft flexible fly, finished off with premium spring snaps for a secure waist closure.

Scout MTB Pants by TASCO MTB. Detail photo showing the internal waist adjustment system

Adjustable Waist

Adjust the waist size on the fly or set it and forget it. Either way you will find the perfect fit with ease.

The Scout MTB Pants have two massive side pockets. Perfect spot for your phone, or use them as a ventilation port when the weather heats up.

Ventilation & Storage

Testing the prototype in summer highlighted the need for optional ventilation. The enlarged hip pockets double as ventilation ports. just open them up and let the air flow!