Gabe Keating: The Sedona MTB Festival 2017

Gabe Keating: The Sedona MTB Festival 2017


When i asked Nate what time i should show up at his house he said,  "Well... early. I want to be able to get there and ride," explains Gabe Keating.

My buddy Nate Miller, owner of TASCO MTB invited me to join the team for a trip to Sedona, Arizona to ride bikes and check out the Sedona Mountain Bike Festival. Here are a few of the images that I collected from our trip. This was an amazing venue for a mountain bike festival. It absolutely has it all. I met some new friends and caught up with some old ones. I was turned on to some great music and indulged in some perfectly crafted brews. Also learned about some new, and upcoming bike technology.

Hot cup of coffee and a nice comfortable beanie to start the drive off on a good note.

Hot cup of coffee and a nice comfortable beanie to start the drive off on a good note.

On site, there is a concrete skate park, a full band shell with a proper stage, along with grass seating and spectacular views of the classic Sedona Mountains that fill the background. I heard this area was referred to as the Sedona Sports Park and I have to say, it should send a message to every city in every state across the country on how to support and promote outdoor recreation for all ages and all skill levels. It's a thing of beauty.

Nate Miller riding along the Mescal Trail.

So imagine grabbing a demo bike and hopping on a shuttle to one of the many amazing trail systems in the area. Then when the shuttle drops you back off at the festival, ride on over to the beer garden. Grab a brew and chat with some other folks all about bikes, trails and beer. On your way to drop your demo bike off stop and grab a hat or a shirt that completely depicts your love of this MTB life. Then go grab another demo bike and ride past all the rad vendors and past the skate park and choose one of the two perfectly sculpted 'flow trails' that wind down the hill, filled with berms, jumps and drops. All designed for the advanced rider to totally shred, or the beginner rider to learn some technique. All while some good music fills the air.

We met Brian Kennedy on the Chuck Wagon Trail. He posted a rad video of our ride together on his YouTube channel  -  BKXC. Click on the picture to see his video of our ride together.

This is what we came here for.

Dry Creek: I don't do enough of this.
Snow melt. Mitch didn't seem to be phased by the freezing water but for me, it was so cold it hurt.
Nate and I set out to ride the Hangover trail early one morning and we both were pretty excited, until we started crunching ice patches on slick off camber rock. Neither of us had ever ridden that trail before and weren't quite sure what to expect further down the line so we decided to play it safe, go ride another location and return when it warmed up a bit. This shot was taken just below the saddle where we turned around. I don't regret the decision. We had such an epic day of riding.
It's fun following Nick Buck.
When ever we would stop to take in the view, regroup or session a unique line, Tony Brand would always offer to take my camera and shoot a photo of me. This is one of those shots. Thanks Tony.
Tony Brand: We stopped and checked out so many cool rock features. It's fun just hanging out cheering your buddies on while they're having a blast putting their suspension to the test.
Mitch Turner's custom stucco paint job.
TASCO Event Hats
The TASCO Gear Bear Tee, is this my size??.
Its fun hanging out with Nick Buck. He's nice... and rides bikes like a beast!
Too many rad hats...tough to decide.
Ryan Farner: You know how happy I was to link up with this guy. We were at a bar having some beers and I literally laughed until my face hurt.
Nick Buck was finding so many creative lines on all the massive rock slabs.
Bell Rock - #ilovesedona
Tony and Ryan
Some Sedona Gnar
Tony Brand dropping into the shoot it's steep, it's fast, it's loose... it's fun!
Nick Buck: You can get as rowdy as you want too on this section.
Clayton. It's nice when friends stop by and say Hi.
These TASCO temporary tatts were fun.
This lively bunch celebrating mountain biking.
Good music and good beer. I had several good conversations with some good people here.
Party at the TASCO booth. Good times were had at the TASCO booth, no doubt.
Good crew.


  • Dave on

    Just signed up for 2018 Sedona MTB, excited for some amazing rides and new friends! ?

  • Mitch on

    It’s the passion, the crew, the enthusiasm, and the all round love of mountain biking and outdoors that made this so insanely rad. Gabe, well done on capturing it all in this blog….look forward to doing this again, and again, and again….

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