Meet the Artist - Evan Chismark

Meet the Artist - Evan Chismark

Meet the Artist

Evan Chismark

Artist, DIY-er, and MTB Advocate

The world is a lot smaller these days, thanks to social media. Ideas and images travel around the globe in a split second, and there is always more to see right at your fingertips. So we consider ourselves lucky to have discovered Evan Chismark through Instagram; a chance connection that has led to creative collaborations we’re stoked to share with you.

Evan calls Vermont home, but has lived in both California and Colorado to stay close to his passions, mountain biking and snowboarding. He and his wife (and their Jack Russel, Lucy) recently bought a house there that they’re renovating together. He spends his days working as the executive director for the Stowe Mountain Bike Club, and his evenings he spends creating. In the spaces between, he and Lucy head to the forest with nothing more than a pencil and pad to spend time in the trees. “It may sound minor or trivial to muck around in the woods, but that’s where ideas happen,” said Evan. 


On Art


Evan’s earliest memories are of drawing, doodling, and sketching. But it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that art became his profession. Since then, he has found a niche for himself, and his gamble is paying off. His clients reflect who he is, what he values, and on top of that, he loves what he’s doing.


“The thing with art is, in some ways all the clichés are true: it’s a form of self expression,” said Evan. “But I think there is something that gets missed—there is a very tactile component to art that I really like.” For Evan, art is about more than the finished product. The feeling of a pen on paper, or a brush on canvas has as much importance as the result. Just like riding or snowboarding, the experience is in every corner, climb, or descent.

Evan uses art to express the things that he loves, he’s passionate about, or concerned about. He includes a lot of metaphor, ranging from simple to complex.  “The beauty of art is that it is always changing,” said Evan. “Your style changes based on your mood, or whatever is resonating with you in that moment.”


On Mountain Biking


Evan his “mountain bike puberty” somewhere around 2001 while living in California. Before that, he called himself a passive mountain biker. “I did it, enjoyed it, but wasn’t that passionate about it,” he said. “But then I met some guys who are still really close friends, and they really got me into it. My first full suspension bike was also a total game changer.” For Evan, mountain biking became a way to see and do more in the mountains.  

On Snowboarding


Evan started snowboarding in 1990, and that led him to California in 2001. “Snowboarding indirectly led to my birth as a mountain biker,” said Evan. The cultural cross over between the two fascinates him, as well as the dichotomy of those cultures. “It’s super unique,” said Evan. “It’s this mix of dirtbag, but it’s also very affluent; we’re affluent dirt bags.” Early 80s and 90s snowboard and skateboard culture are two things Evan draws inspiration from.



“I was a social media hold out,” said Evan. “I had a flip phone until not that long ago. I finally got a smart phone and started learning; it didn’t take long to find TASCO.” Evan is excited to work with a brand that’s deeply rooted in art, and supporting artists. So far, Evan’s designs include “the 650 Killer Bees” design and most recently, “Adventure Uber” featuring the famous TASCO VW Westfalia.  “It’s awesome to work with [TASCO founder] Nate because he’s not afraid to get in there–we pass ideas around and watch them multiply.

I'm stoked to work with TASCO because of their clear passion for what they do.  That shines through even over the phone in the conversations we have had.  TASCO is dedicated to supporting artists that are immersed in the lifestyle they're promoting.  That's huge for me and very authentic.  

Check out Evan’s work in our 650 Killer Bees and Adventure Uber designs. See his art online at And be sure to follow him on Instagram: @evanchismarkart

And a little plug on Evan's end, "a few of my clients: Rome Snowboards, Backcountry Magazine, DC Snowboards, Friendly Gathering, Colorado Mountain Bike Association, Stowe Mountain Resort" 





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