The Quick + Dirty with TASCO Tribe member Carlen Gardner

The Quick + Dirty with TASCO Tribe member Carlen Gardner

Not only does TASCO Tribe member Carlen Gardner absolutely rip on his Honda 450cc dirt bike, but he's also equally skilled on his mountain bike, which is his favorite way to cross-train.  

Carlen just wrapped up his Supercross race season as arguably the most improved rider on the circuit. So we sat down with him after the Vegas round to answer some burning questions:

How long have you been racing? 
2016 was my debut year as a racing pro, and I just wrapped up my 3rd season. 

What skill haven’t you mastered yet but are working on?
There's always so much to work on! Now that's its off-season I'll be riding my mountain bike more and would love to become better at downhill and overall bike control.

Carlen Gardner TASCO Tribe member

What's your favorite riding spot?

Madonna Mountain, San Luis Obispo, CA

What class do you race in when you're on the moto? 
250cc West coast Supercross, 450cc Motocross 

What's the difference between supercross and motocross?
Check out MX Athletics for the deets!

Carlen Gardner 805

Next planned trip?

This week I'm heading to Montreal, Canada for an Arenacross Race!

Favorite type music?
I like to listen to all types of music, depending on my mood. But, if I'm being honest, I do love me some EDM.

Carlen Gardner Supercross

Paso Robles, CA


Who are your influencers?
The people that influence and inspire me are not from supercross or mountain biking. They are motivational speakers and entrepreneurs. They keep me aware of the hard work and dedication it takes to make it anywhere in this world.

Carlen Gardner TASCO Indivisible

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