Sea Otter Video Playlist

What a week! Jeremy raced the downhill at Sea Otter. Spent the week camping with our friends Syd & Macky and cruising the expo. Macky followed him down the race course with a Rylo 360 camera. Heres a fun video showing their experience. Enjoy!
Here's SYD and MACKY's Sea Otter highlight reel. Filmed some videos, did some interviews, hung out at the expo and got to follow their buddy Jeremy McGhee down the DOWNHILL course on his awesome adaptive bike. They filmed this on the Rylo 360 cam and the result is TOO COOL. So excited to share this with you all!

Jeff's been lucky enough to help promote the Sea Otter Classic and bike riding to thousands of kids each year in the time leading up to the event.  Footage is piled up and he figured there's no better place to start than here... Volume one of my random Sea Otter Footage.


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