We are always fired up for the chance to mingle with all the MTB fanatics at Sedona, and this year was no different. We took off from our native Carlsbad a few days early to catch a ride with our buddy Jeff in Phoenix. Plan was to shuttle an epic trail called black canyon. Key word shuttle. We were expecting an epic day of elevation loss. What we got was an epic XC pain cave experience.

 Sedona MTB Festival is always special for us, but we had no idea that this year would be so meaningful. Of course, anyone not living on a deserted island now knows that all events have been canceled, possibly for the rest of the year. We had plans to launch our first Trail Short a Sea Otter Classic, but after receiving news of the event being postponed, we decided to debut the Scout short in Sedona, and we are glad we did!

 After setting up at the venue, we headed to the trailhead to shoot the Sedona special edition Vortex Double Digits ( glove and sock lockup ). Usually the assets for product launches are made in advance, but we wanted to shoot in Sedona to capture the best images possible. Spent a few hours shooting on Pyramid and nailed several shots that were used to launch the collection the following day.


The rest of the event was a blur of good times. Strong turnout combined with good weather pushed the event over the top in our books. We truly appreciate everyone who stopped by and can now reflect on just how lucky we are to be able to connect in person at these events. As we enter the 5th week of isolation the desire for social contact becomes imperative, and we hope to see group rides back in full force sooner than later!


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