Sedona MTB Festival 2024

Sedona MTB Festival 2024

As an avid attendee of the Sedona Mountain Bike Festival, I can attest that it's more than just an annual event—it's a pilgrimage to paradise. Each year, I eagerly anticipate the festival weekend, knowing that it will be a culmination of all things I love: breathtaking scenery, thrilling trails, a vibrant community of like minded outdoor enthusiasts, and unforgettable memories.

Despite criticisms from some quarters about the timing of the festival and the weather, my experience over the past nine years has been overwhelmingly positive. Yes, there have been a couple of instances where rain or snow briefly dampened the trails, but these were the exceptions rather than the rule. In fact, the worst weather conditions we encountered were during the fall of 2021 when high winds wreaked havoc. This year, however, nature seemed to be in perfect harmony with our plans, treating us to nothing but sunshine and blissful temperatures in the 60s.

The excitement for the festival begins long before we hit the road. One of the highlights of our pre-festival preparations is unpacking the freshly minted festival t-shirts, each year boasting a unique design. This year was particularly special as we collaborated with local artist Edward Dennis to commemorate the festival's 10th anniversary.

Setting off early Wednesday morning, we embark on the scenic drive to Sedona, arriving in the early afternoon. The sight of the iconic red rock formations never fails to stir my soul, signaling the start of our adventure. With our AirBnB conveniently located near some classic trails, we waste no time in saddling up and hitting the dirt before sunset.

Thursday morning is our last chance for a good pre-festival ride, and we made the most of it, knowing that rain is on the horizon. Sure enough, as we wrap up our ride, the clouds roll in, but we're prepared. Setting up our tent amidst intermittent showers, we're treated to a spectacle as rain turns to wet snow, only to be chased away by the returning sun. It's moments like these that make the festival truly unforgettable.

As a vendor, my experience at the festival is a blend of envy and stoke. While I sometimes yearn to join the groups of riders on the trails, I find immense joy in connecting with old friends and new acquaintances at our booth. From sharing stories over ice-cold beverages (thank you SKA Brewing), to showcasing our latest gear, each interaction adds to the tapestry of memories woven over the years.

Friday kicks off with a flurry of activity as eager festival-goers flocked to our booth to snag some of the Vortex exclusive merchandise. By noon, the festival is buzzing - the beer gardens have opened, the bands have started, and everyone is in a great mood!  Later in the day, the TASCO Footdown contest, a highlight of the festival each year, draws the crowd, and we revel in the energy of the competition hosted by our own Jeff Lenosky.  Once the winner is crowned, we invite everyone to join us for a celebration of camaraderie and stoke, savoring both a crisp hoppy beverage & the magic of Friday afternoons at the festival.

The weekend unfolds like a dream, with sunny skies, perfect riding conditions, and an atmosphere of unbridled joy. From early morning coffee served (thanks to our friends at Sedona Bike n Bean), to sunset jumpline sessions at the flow trails, each moment is infused with the spirit of adventure and camaraderie. And as we reluctantly dismantle our booth at the end of the festival, I'm filled with gratitude for the memories made and the friendships forged.

To everyone who shared in the magic of the Sedona Mountain Bike Festival, thank you for the good times. Until next year, may the trails be ever in your favor!

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  • Laura May-minnick on

    Great photo blog & recap. I too have a mix of envy and stoke 😊. So many awesome memories of past festivals with you. Let’s FIRE UP the TASCO team for 2025 🥳

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