Summer of Racing with the TASCO Tribe

Summer of Racing with the TASCO Tribe

TASCO gear is made for the long haul, and we're feeling lucky here at TASCO Headquarters to have so many of our Tribe members across the country wearing our double-digit combos for the biggest MTB endurance events of the summer. 

Besides enjoying the gear and sharing the TASCO love, some are even coming home with hardware, like the coveted Leadville 100 belt buckle!

Tahoe Trail

Congrats to Tribe member Lisa Leonard for taking 2nd in the 100K pro women's race at the Tahoe Trail. Yew!

Lisa Leonard Tahoe Trail Leadville Series

MTB Nats in Snowshoe, West Virgina

Across the country, TASCO Tribe members Zach Waymire and Blake Wray represented at Mountain Bike Nats in Snowshoe, West Virginia. Even more proof that TASCO gear is made for those long days in the saddle! 

Zach Waymire MTB Nationals

Blake Wray MTB Nats

In addition to the mens races at Nats, we also cheered for the KS Kenda Women's team as they competed in Short Track and a super fast and technical XC course!

KS Kenda Womens Team

Barely rested from Nats, team member Emma Maaranen went onto to Quebec to tackle the 7 Stage Quebec Single Track. A big congrats to Emma on taking the W on the final stage!

Emma Maaranen KS Kenda Womens Team


Crafts N Cranks Enduro

Home on summer break from Milligan College, Madeline Bemis picked up her mountain bike and took 5th in the Pro Women's field at the Crafts and Cranks Enduro race at Snow Summit Bike Park in Big Bear Lake. Yeah girl!

Madeline Bemis TASCO Tribe

Pierre's Hole 100 and High Cascades 100 NUE

Up North we had one of our newest Tribe members Stefano Barberi take home 4th in Pierre’s Hole 100 NUE race in Wyoming. Stefano also took 2nd in the CA State Championships in Big Bear and 2nd again in the High Cascades 100 NUE in Bend, Oregon. Amazing Stefano!

Stefano Barberi Pierres Hole NUE Wyoming

Tribe members Larissa Connors and Robert Freeman also had a blast crushing it at Pierre's Hole NUE in Grand Targhee, Wyoming. 8 hours and 58 minutes of suffering to be exact. Congrats guys!

Larissa Connors Robert Freeman Pierres Hole Wyoming

2018 XC Series- Rim Nordic

Tribe members Laura May and Pete Tholl hopped up on the top steps at the Rim Nordic Cross Country Series. Pete then went on to take the W at the CA State Championships in Big Bear. Congrats guys and looking forward to the last race next week!

Laura May MTB Rim Nordic XC Series

Pete Tholl Rim Nordic XC MTB

Team USA- UCI Junior Series

Across the pond, Turner Conway trained and raced with Team USA for the UCI Junior series in Austria and Belgium. Turner took 18th overall in Austria, the 3rd American over the line, and in Belgium he nabbed 8th! Congrats Turner!

Turner Conway Team USA Juniors

Leadville 100

Lastly, we had several Tribe members tackle the infamous Leadville 100 this past weekend.

Check out Tribe member Larissa Connor's blog posts on her insane month of racing at the Breck 100, Tatanka NUE, and then wrapping it up this past weekend.

Oh, and being the 1st female across the line in Leadville to defend her title. We couldn't be more proud of you Larissa!! 

Larissa Connors

KS Kenda Team's Co-Founder Nikki Peterson said it best, "It’s gotta be fun! As racers, we pour our heart and soul into training (mentally and physically), nutrition, sleep and recovery. We show up on the line as prepared as possible. The important thing, however, is that at the end of the day we love what we do! We find joy and happiness in bikes and the people it brings into our lives."

We couldn't agree more that at the end of the day you gotta love what you do, and we're so stoked to be able to support all of our Tribe members in their endeavors- whether racing or just out enjoying their local trails. 

Post written by Meredith McConvill, TASCO Tribe Athlete Management.


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