The Quick + Dirty with Jeremy McGhee

Jeremy McGhee TASCO Tribe Indivisible Mammoth

Having Jeremy McGhee as a TASCO Tribe member means never a dull moment.

With a goal of inspiring others to get off the pavement, Jeremy launched his Weekly Ride video series this Spring. We caught up with him at the San Diego Regional Bike Summit to get the quick and dirty:

How long have you been riding?

I got my first adaptive bike in 2007.

Was there an accident?

I was left paralyzed from a motorcycle accident in 2001. It slowed me down, but never stopped me. Without the use of my legs I climbed then skied down Bloody Couloir, a major backcountry ski route in the Eastern Sierras in June 2012. The expedition was made into a documentary film- Drop IN.

Jeremy McGhee TASCO Tribe rider 

What skill haven’t you mastered yet but are working on?

I’m constantly learning. There’s so much going on with three wheels. Right now I’m pushing how much pitch in off camber terrain I can take and carrying speed through it.

What gets you out of bed and out on the trail?

Coffee with MCT Oil and my Tasco Dawn Patrol gloves when it’s cold!

Why YouTube videos?

I do videos because it’s the best way to show adaptive riders what they are getting into. 

Watch Jeremy's Weekly Ride:


What's your favorite riding spot?

Mammoth Mountain Bike Park, CA

Next planned trip?

Crankworx, Whistler.

Jeremy McGhee TASCO Indivisible Gloves Mammoth

Why attend the San Diego Regional Bike Summit?

This bike has changed my life. It’s gotten me off the pavement and I want others to experience it too. My advocacy work is providing better access to nature and wild places for individuals living with disabilities.

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Age: 41

Jeremy McGhee TASCO Tribe Mammoth Bike Park

Who are your influencers?

Pro skier Chris Benchetler. The nicest, most genuine guy you’ll ever meet.

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Post written by Meredith McConvill, TASCO Tribe Athlete Management.


  • Anonymous on

    Dee Dee, this means so much to me! Thank you! I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s daughter, but it sounds like she has a strong will and is making the best of it. I would love to help her in any way i can. My girlfriend said she gave you my contact info. Please stay in touch.

  • DeeDee Schiller on

    We spoke a morning hello in the breakfast line at Best Western BigBear Sunday morning. I noticed you bake later in the morning as a young lady was loading her bike on. My husband and I approached her and asked questions. My Dear friend from Iceland called me last May to tell me about her beautiful daughter got into a simple bike accident flipping over the handle bars landing on her back breaking L4L5 and is now a paraplegic. Shocking to all that know this very smart and talented young lady. 2 master degrees in Engineering completed a flight course that put her in the cockpit of an Iceland air jet. Working towards captain. She had just gotten married.
    She has been working hard with Craig’s institute in Denver Colorado. By May of this year she had snowskied, Rock climbed, came in last in a 3 wheel bike race, has learned to drive a car. She continues to work hard to still have fun in her life. Her husband is standing by her no matter what. I’m sending her your videos to help motivate her to keep going. Your an amazing young man. Thank you for sharing your zest for life and living. Your a rock star!!💪

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