The Sedona MTB Festival Delivers Again for 2019!

The Sedona MTB Festival Delivers Again for 2019!

SEDONA, Arizona - Sedona’s MTB Festival absolutely went off again this year, and we couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. With the looming thought of excessively muddy trails thanks to the record snowfall the weekend before, we didn’t know exactly what we’d be in store for. Michael, the festival director sent messages early in the week, assuring all of us that it would be a great weekend, and he was exactly right. Upon arrival on Thursday morning, we were greeted to snow along the roads, but not a crazy amount.


Turns out the dirt drains extremely well in that town, and by afternoon, we were greeted to epic conditions on the few trails that had been approved for riding. By end of the weekend, the forest service had opened trails like Hiline, Hangover, Hogs – so people left the festival stoked on being able to score epic dirt on the epic trails we all dream of riding.

Friday, we were blown away with the amount of hi-fives that we gave out, as new friendships were made under the TASCO tent, and old friends came by to say hello and score the limited edition Vortex gloves we did just for this event.


We ended the evening with an awesome game of footdown – hosted by Ryan Leech & last years winner – Jeff Lenosky! Immediately thereafter, everyone congregated and Ska Brewing brought in the suds and tunes and we kept the place open well past normal closing hours.


On Saturday everyone was scared it was going to rain, and it did indeed, but not until BadSea Coffee (use code TASCO for 20% off) had poured hundreds of cups of their “Bad little Brews” single serving pour-overs under our tent annex.


Everyone poured into the tent when it started pouring, and it ended up being a little impromptu party under our tent. We had the likes of Jeff Lenosky, Seth’s Bike Hacks, Richie Rude, Mo Awesome, Trail Features, and a bunch of other super fun folks. It probably didn’t hurt that we had a fire pit, coffee and a bit of beer available to keep folks happy!

Sunday wrapped up with an epic day of weather that was as good as it gets. The trails that Sedona is known for had opened up, so there was no shortage of stoke in the air.


We are already mapping out our calendar to make sure we are able to attend next years festival, as Sedona MTB Festival has become a must attend event for our crew. Thanks for joining us!


All photos by Gabe Keating


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