Notes from Nate - April 10, 2021

Notes from Nate - April 10, 2021

Riding with Drew Brees

Early in Febuary, my friend Mark Hill reached out to me to let me know he was riding with his long time friend Drew Brees.  This guy, Drew, was just getting into mountain biking, and Mark asked if we'd be interested in gearing him up right for his first ride.  Sure I said - knowing that Marks suggestions were always good ones.  I must admit - I'm not much of a football fan boy, so I had to look up who Drew Brees even was before realizing how cool of an opportunity this was...let the shaming begin :)

Mark suggested I join him for the ride to give him a background on TASCO and why good mountain bike gear is essential for the ride.  What a rad opportunity to meet such a humble, down to earth guy who has achieved so much in his lifetime.  

During the ride, we were able to talk about a lot of things, but one thing that was really neat to hear was about how much he has used his career successes to do good for those around him.   He has been given a lot, and in return has done a lot for others.  It reminded me that even if we have been given a little, it's still rad to do whatever we can with that little for others.  It just feels good!

So we outfitted Drew in our small batch gloves and socks coming out in May, because it happened to be a perfect match for the New Orleans Saints colors.  Since Drew had just announced his retirement, he was a bit reserved to getting into another jersey, until he found out that it was a mountain bike jersey - not another football team jersey!  

Enjoy the video that Mark put together documenting the ride.  To see the progression of Drew's skills throughout our short ride together was nothing short of amazing!




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