No matter what terrain or conditions you ride, at TASCO MTB our objective is to design and engineer MTB Lifestyle, Gear, and Apparel that performs at the highest level.

What started out as a mission to create a couple of t-shirts for friends to wear after their rides, has rapidly spun into a full fledge grassroots outdoor lifestyle brand with the best cult following out there.  While our core is centered around a mountain bike, it is not limited to those hours spent in the saddle.  In our minds, our bikes are often the vehicle that assists us accessing some pretty epic adventures.

Being from Southern California, we strive to bring together the mindset of the surf scene with the culture of mountain biking, camping, and being in the outdoors. It’s something that we believe in, and we’re finding out that others do, too.

Our mission is simple: to be a part of your daily Mountain Bike Stoke. Wear us to the trailhead or throw on a TASCO MTB shirt after the ride –our logo is a symbol of your mountain adventures. Our motto: From the sea to the sky, and back again.

TASCO MTB is a Mountain Bike Lifestyle brand dedicated to keeping the stoke of your adventures alive, with the love for mountain biking at the core. Nate Miller, Founder of TASCO MTB, is an avid surfer, mountain biker, and general outdoor enthusiast. He realized there was a desperate need for the mountain bike community to have a brand that was committed to bringing great lifestyle gear to them specifically. We are all passionate about our MTB lifestyles, and what we chose to wear should reflect that stoked life that we live! TASCO MTB is that brand. We are committed to the ride, and to keep you stoked, both on and off the trails, with the best quality goods out there.